• Luger in action.
    Ladies I have Loved

    Ladies I have Loved: Luger

    Appreciating the Women in Games Killzone is a 2004 game developed by Guerrilla Games. As a whole, the plot is fairly predictable and the villain is extremely campy. However, the character interactions are well crafted and hilarious. One of my favourite quotes is from this game. The player picks up new playable characters as they…

  • femshep

    Feminist Ethics in Computing Science and Gaming

    Hey readers! This post reflects my opinion only. 🙂 Ethics and Computing Science seems to be desperately lacking a feminist perspective. In taking a 300 level computing course on computers and society, I noticed immediately that the majority of discussions in the field of ethics explored the issue from a male euro-centric perspective. The discussions…

  • diriptide-screen01_ed

    Dead Island’s Zombie-Bait Release and Rape Culture in Games

    **I would like to issue a trigger warning, this post contains discussion of violence and sexual assault.** Techland, producers of Dead Island recently released a special “Zombie Bait” edition of the game that includes a severed female torso statuette.   In the original press release Paul Nicholls, Sales & Marketing Director, Deep Silver, said: “Dead Island Riptide…