• We will cease harassment of women if you bring us ethics in game journalism.

    Why #GamerGate Has To End

    If you haven’t heard of #GamerGate in the past few weeks, or months if you’ve been with us from the start, I am extremely jealous of you. Your head probably doesn’t hurt from watching this bizarre debate unfold before your eyes. But it never hurts to bring us all up to speed with a short…

  • clem
    Ladies I have Loved

    The Importance of Being Clementine

    I adore the Telltale Games adventure games. They’re engaging, interesting, surprising and a wonderful modern look at Point-and-Click adventure games. In 2012, The Walking Dead Season 1, won Game of the Year from over 40 different sources. This is the game that saw players escorting a little girl through the zombie apocalypse, struggling to survive…

  • Listening to an audio log in Dead Space.

    About the Use of Audio Logs in Video Games

    I personally like audio logs as a storytelling medium. You can stay in the action while you listen to it, rather than having to pause the game and read text. Audio logs also don’t take control away from the player, like a cutscene does. And they are cheaper to produce than fancy cutscenes with animations,…