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    Whiteness as an Aesthetic in Japanese Games and Art

    Lets start with Genji Monogatari. The tale of Genji is a piece of classical japanese literature written by lady-in-waiting Murasaki Shikibu in 11th century Japan at the height of the Heian era. The tale follows the life and adventures of a beautiful and talented Genji, the son of an ancient emperor. This epic is often…

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    Women in Open Source

    Image Credit: opensourceway. Open source is rapidly becoming one of the most influential communities of our time, but I have been noticing more recently that many open source projects are lacking in female founders, contributors, and supporters. So I wanted to write a quick post on the importance of open source and urge more women to…

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    My First YEG Girl Geek Dinner

    On Wednesday January 29th I attended my first YEG Girl Geek Dinner. YEG Girl Geek dinners are (from their facebook page): Edmonton Girl Geek Dinners. A monthly-ish series of dinners we hold throughout the year to highlight amazing geeky women and to broaden the geek community. For women geeks seeking community in Edmonton I would recommend checking…