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Mission Statement

We will be studying representations of gender in video games, and how those representations have changed over time. The effects of, and responses to, those representations will be examined by looking at online reactions, such as other blog posts and academic articles. By analyzing the types of representation in different game genres, both on the part of game developers and from fan-created depictions (and the differences between these two), we hope to gain an overview of the history of gender in new media.


Maren Wilson has a BA in History and Sociology. She is interested in game design and gender performance in games. You can usually find her staying up too late with games she’s already beaten or getting into “debates” about historical inaccuracies online. Twitter: @BoomTurkey

Andy B has an Anthropology-Computing background and as such, is accustomed to bridging the gap between social issues and technology.

Sarah Beck works as a software developer for EA. She has a BSc in Computing Science and enjoys JRPGS, anime, and Ruby on Rails. Twitter: @sarah_bytes. Opinions are her own.


Justin is a BA Film Studies Graduate. When not criticizing popular media or yelling at people on Twitter, he writes dating simulators based on turn of the century politics and composes essays on Yeezus.
Sagal Adam

Comment Policy

Our main goal is to promote discussion of issues surrounding the gaming industry and culture. We at WinGS attempt to create a safe space for anyone who wants to discuss these issues. While we generally focus on sexism in video games, other forms of oppression will also be examined and discussed.

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