• yeg-girl-geek

    My First YEG Girl Geek Dinner

    On Wednesday January 29th I attended my first YEG Girl Geek Dinner. YEG Girl Geek dinners are (from their facebook page): Edmonton Girl Geek Dinners. A monthly-ish series of dinners we hold throughout the year to highlight amazing geeky women and to broaden the geek community. For women geeks seeking community in Edmonton I would recommend checking…

  • bioshock_infinite_2

    Postmortem: Bioshock Infinite

    I finished playing Bioshock Infinite this summer, and I have been mulling on the game for some time. I was really impressed by the art and story of the game, it was deep yet concise, and had me engaged. But I am most critical of the things I love, so here are some of my…

  • 1280-girls-who-code

    A Movement Encouraging Girls to Code and Make Games

    This post is a hearty plug for a lot of cool stuff happening in order to address the gender gap in Computing Science. So this evening I was rereading an article by Mike Carbonaro, Duane Szafron, Maria Cutumisu, and Jonathan Schaeffer entitled “Computer-game construction: A gender-neutral attractor to Computing Science” and thinking about why designing computer…

  • femshep

    Feminist Ethics in Computing Science and Gaming

    Hey readers! This post reflects my opinion only. 🙂 Ethics and Computing Science seems to be desperately lacking a feminist perspective. In taking a 300 level computing course on computers and society, I noticed immediately that the majority of discussions in the field of ethics explored the issue from a male euro-centric perspective. The discussions…

  • diriptide-screen01_ed

    Dead Island’s Zombie-Bait Release and Rape Culture in Games

    **I would like to issue a trigger warning, this post contains discussion of violence and sexual assault.** Techland, producers of Dead Island recently released a special “Zombie Bait” edition of the game that includes a severed female torso statuette.   In the original press release Paul Nicholls, Sales & Marketing Director, Deep Silver, said: “Dead Island Riptide…