• yeg-girl-geek

    My First YEG Girl Geek Dinner

    On Wednesday January 29th I attended my first YEG Girl Geek Dinner. YEG Girl Geek dinners are (from their facebook page): Edmonton Girl Geek Dinners. A monthly-ish series of dinners we hold throughout the year to highlight amazing geeky women and to broaden the geek community. For women geeks seeking community in Edmonton I would recommend checking…

  • pokemon-x-y-starters

    Pokémon Y: First Impressions

    In just a little over a week I managed to eat, sleep and pretty much breathe Pokemon Y to point where I completed the main plot line, beat the Elite Four and collected a couple of mysterious legendary Pokemon. In this weeks time I managed to come to a conclusion about this franchise that I…

  • bioshock_infinite_2

    Postmortem: Bioshock Infinite

    I finished playing Bioshock Infinite this summer, and I have been mulling on the game for some time. I was really impressed by the art and story of the game, it was deep yet concise, and had me engaged. But I am most critical of the things I love, so here are some of my…

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    Ladies I have Loved

    Ladies I have loved: Junon

    So I was reacquainted with my favorite game of all time recently, Dragon Force for the Sega Saturn. It’s an interesting take on the RTS genre. Players can choose from 1 of 8 kingdoms to start their journey of recruiting the eight members of the Dragon Force needed to stop the evil god Madruk from…

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    WinGS 101

    WINGS 101: Privilege and Videogames

    I am going to try to relate privilege to the topic of video games and media in general. Please check the Further Reading section at the bottom for more resources on this topic. Privilege basically means what it sounds like: some people have benefits (usually that they were born with) that make life easier for…