Recommended Games

Platformers and Browser Games:

  1. Air-Pressure: The sad story of a relationship that is falling apart. It made me have the feels. (Sarah, 01/2013)
  2. The Great Gatsby Game for NES: A fun and addicting browser game that recreates The Great Gatsby as a simple platformer.
  3. Evo-Land: Created in a hack-a-thon, the brilliantly charming Evoland is an adventure browser game that explores the evolution of video games.
  4. Fix-it-Felix playable 8-bit game: Disney recreates 8-bit arcade gaming to bring to life the game from the Wreck-it-Ralph movie.

Narrative-Heavy Point an Click Adventures:

  1. Edna and Harvey: The Search for Edna’s New Eyes: This game is a really interesting adventure that explores “unplaying” by forcing your seemingly innocent main character to take actions that end in unfortunate consequences. The sound and dialogue is also spectacular. The mechanic is simple enough for a grade-schooler to understand but the content wields more maturity and depth. Available on Steam.

Use Your Brain: Strategies and Puzzles

  1. Portal 1 and 2 by Valve: This is a challenging strategy game where you complete test chambers using your ability to teleport via wormhole created by your portal gun. Available on Steam.
  2. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Infocom Adventure: This is a super intricate text-adventure based on the Douglas Adams Novel Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. It is a classic.


  1. Final Fantasy VII: For the Playstation this game has a brilliant story with satisfying characters. Just play it. It is a classic. (Sarah, 01/2013, PS)
  2. Persona 3 Portable: Maren leant me this last month and it is brilliant. The story line and your interactions with the characters actually changes according to the gender you choose. you play as a highschooler by day and a monster fighting badass by night, joining clubs and increasing social links to level up your personas. BA. (Sarah, 01/2013, PSP)
  3. Disgaea: Hour of Darkness DS: This is a pretty awesome turn-based strategy game with a sounder story than Final Fantasy Tactics. Interesting characters and dialogue. I enjoy the contrasting women companions Edna and Flonne. (Sarah, 01/2013, DS)
  4. The Mass Effect Series: This game is a space-opera RPG, it alternates between social challenges, a heavy story, and a shooter. Altogether it is beautiful. FemShep is also a phenomenon that has been sparked from this game series, which is the excellent female Shepard you can play.
  5. The Dragon Age Series: Dragon Age Origins is definitely the pride and joy of this series, it is an expansive fantasy RPG spanning a range of diverse settings and stories. Dragon Age 2 was much shorter and focused in the same setting for most of the game. Altogether definitely a series worth checking out.

First Person Adventure/Shooter

  1. Borderlands 2: Started playing on my Macbook, this game has interesting and dynamic characters, unique and pleasing graphics/settings, and a variety of weapons with interesting effects. If you’re looking for a more stylized fps try it out. (Sarah, 01/2013, Mac)
  2. Mirror’s Edge: Play as Faith a courier and engage in a really cool mechanic where you essentially parkour through really vivid cityscapes. Also the strong female protagonist in this game is awesome.