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    Whiteness as an Aesthetic in Japanese Games and Art

    Lets start with Genji Monogatari. The tale of Genji is a piece of classical japanese literature written by lady-in-waiting Murasaki Shikibu in 11th century Japan at the height of the Heian era. The tale follows the life and adventures of a beautiful and talented Genji, the son of an ancient emperor. This epic is often…

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    Programming, Women in Game Studies

    Women in Open Source

    Image Credit: opensourceway. Open source is rapidly becoming one of the most influential communities of our time, but I have been noticing more recently that many open source projects are lacking in female founders, contributors, and supporters. So I wanted to write a quick post on the importance of open source and urge more women to…

  • femshep

    Feminist Ethics in Computing Science and Gaming

    Hey readers! This post reflects my opinion only. 🙂 Ethics and Computing Science seems to be desperately lacking a feminist perspective. In taking a 300 level computing course on computers and society, I noticed immediately that the majority of discussions in the field of ethics explored the issue from a male euro-centric perspective. The discussions…

  • Critique

    The Suspension of Disbelief in Games and the Female Body

    Last week we read an interesting post on costume design that discussed the concept of sexiness and the relationship between gender and costume design in games. The article addressed the “suspension of disbelief” in the context of clothing practicality verses sex appeal.           “First of all, making a costume sexy in…