WINGS 101: Women in Game Studies Start!

Welcome to the first attempt of a couple of undergrads to critically examine Gender in New Media. Specifically looking at the representations within Video Games.

Each week we’ll be posting observations based off of weekly assigned readings. We’ll hopefully provoke thoughts which will in turn lead to fascinating debate.

Undergrad #1 (AKA BoomTurkey) is in her final year of University, studying History and Sociology. She’s been playing games her entire life, this love affair spanning decades and genres. Her goal is to break into the game industry and become a Kingpin of design. It also really irks her when the boys get cool armour and weapons and all the girl gets is a metal bikini and a whip. Look to her for breaking every critical discussion down into layman’s terms.

Undergrad #2 (AKA FlameTurtle) will apparently be in University forever, studying Anthropology and Computing Science, having switched from Chemistry. Having been able to borrow games from siblings most of her life, she has been playing games for a long time. She’s passionate about games and hopes to one day design them. Summarizing other’s arguments comes easy to her and she is the expert on deeper analysis and well constructed arguments.

  • MarenWilson
  • Maren Wilson has a BA in History and Sociology. She is interested in game design and gender performance in games. You can usually find her staying up too late with games she's already beaten or getting into "debates" about historical inaccuracies online.