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    Women in Game Studies

    How do I get into the Games Industry?

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    I have done several panels in the past few years and this is by far the most asked question. Just to clarify, I am inexperienced, but I am a developer working for a AAA company. I think this puts me an interesting position when talking about this topic because I was just recently on the same…

  • Screenshot of the Reaver and the Alchemist from the multiplayer mode of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

    Dragon Age: Inquisition – Multiplayer Characters

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    This post will be focusing on characters in the multiplayer portion of Dragon Age: Inquisition, not the single-player story of the Dragon Age series (which I haven’t actually played… yet). The original lineup of characters you can play as consisted of 50% women and 50% men (6 of each), which was pretty awesome. (With the…

  • calgary expo
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    Review of Calgary Expo 2015: Women in Games Panel and Other Cool Stuff

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    I firmly believe that getting out to a convention a year, especially for those who work or live their free time in geekdom, is extremely cathartic. Over April 17-20th I attended Calgary Expo as an annual tradition. Calgary Expo is the second largest convention in Canada and had upwards of 100,000 attendees in 2015, so…

  • "My men look at me like I'm crazy, but it is my responsibility to safeguard this ship and its crew. [...] I will not abandon my post or my charge..."
    Ladies I have Loved

    Ladies I have Loved: Melanie Bronson

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    System Shock 2 is a game that I speak of frequently; I seriously love this game. It has many great female characters that each have their own lives, motivations and relationships. I found them to be interesting and highly varied, which is sadly unusual in video games, where there is often only one female character,…

  • We will cease harassment of women if you bring us ethics in game journalism.

    Why #GamerGate Has To End

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    If you haven’t heard of #GamerGate in the past few weeks, or months if you’ve been with us from the start, I am extremely jealous of you. Your head probably doesn’t hurt from watching this bizarre debate unfold before your eyes. But it never hurts to bring us all up to speed with a short…

  • clem
    Ladies I have Loved

    The Importance of Being Clementine

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    I adore the Telltale Games adventure games. They’re engaging, interesting, surprising and a wonderful modern look at Point-and-Click adventure games. In 2012, The Walking Dead Season 1, won Game of the Year from over 40 different sources. This is the game that saw players escorting a little girl through the zombie apocalypse, struggling to survive…

  • ggc
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    Feminist Community Building Panel at Geek Girl Con 2014

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    Last weekend I was able to attend the fantastic, feminist Geek Girl Con 2014. This is a place of magical girls and feminist friendly dreams in the heart of Seattle, WA. The convention was amazing, by far one of the most supportive communities I have experienced, and the atmosphere really made me feel relaxed, and…

  • Listening to an audio log in Dead Space.

    About the Use of Audio Logs in Video Games

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    I personally like audio logs as a storytelling medium. You can stay in the action while you listen to it, rather than having to pause the game and read text. Audio logs also don’t take control away from the player, like a cutscene does. And they are cheaper to produce than fancy cutscenes with animations,…

  • FFCC-Characters

    Your Fingers Will be Dancing Mad: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call Review

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    A couple of weeks back I downloaded Curtain Call, the sequel to Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, a rhythm game by Final Fantasy creators Square-Enix on the Nintendo 3DS. While I admit to not having the played the first installment, apparently the major differences between the two are the available songs as well as the inclusion of…

Mission Statement

We will be studying representations of gender in video games, and how those representations have changed over time. The effects of, and responses to, those representations will be examined by looking at online reactions, such as other blog posts and academic articles. By analyzing the types of representation in different game genres, both on the part of game developers and from fan-created depictions (and the differences between these two), we hope to gain an overview of the history of gender in new media.

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